Social Support Groups

New moms often isolated and alone, especially if experiencing anxiety or depression. Peer support groups offer non-judgmental listening, support, and encouragement from others experiencing similar issues. Support group leaders are caring and empathic, and can connect new mothers with additional resources.

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

595 Martha Jefferson Drive, Charlottesville
Outpatient Care Center
3rd Floor, Community Education Room

2nd & 4th Thursdays each month
10:30 am — 12 noon


1st & 3rd Mondays each month
7 — 8:30 pm

The Women’s Initiative

1101 East High Street (Main office)
The Women’s Initiative offers a variety of support groups and other services.

Talk Therapy

New mothers may need to address topics such as their new role, communications with partner, and changes in relationships. Talking with a mental health professional can help put things in perspective, solve problems, and introduce coping skills. Therapy in this timeframe is often short-term, problem-focused and pragmatic.Therapists listed below have all been trained to work with new and pregnant mothers. Most therapists do not have administrative staff; leave a message that you are a new/pregnant mother and someone will return your call within 24 hours.

Additional therapists provide online or virtual therapy via HIPPA-compliant platforms; learn more HERE.

Robin Bernhard, LCSW

420 3rd Street Northeast
(434) 825-6545

Linda Capacchione, LPC

330 Winding River Lane
(434) 296-1338

Sarah Carter, LCSW

1110 Rose Hill Drive, #201
(434) 996-4593

Julie Convisser, LCSW

920 9 ½ Street Northeast
(434) 806-8516

Michelle Damiani, PhD

1008 East Jefferson Street
(434) 984-4444

Jeanne Martin, LPC

100 East South Street, #4
(434) 984-3111

Kristin Morgan, LPC

1450 Sachem Place, Suite 101
(434) 973-5640
Learn more HERE
Accepts in-network insurance

Cathy Jespersen Sacks, LCSW

1110 Rose Hill Drive
(434) 979-0401

Deborah Sinek, PhD

100 East South Street, #2
(434) 227-4721

Rebecca Tedford, LCSW
1720 Allied Street, Suite 27
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Accepts in-network insurance
UVA Women’s Center

1400 University Avenue
(434) 982-2361

The Women’s Initiative

1101 East High Street
(434) 872-0047


Psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe and manage anti-depressant medications, as well as help identify and treat any underlying medical conditions.  Providers below have expertise in working with new or pregnant mothers.

Virginia Bayliss, MD

154 Hansen Road #103
(434) 602-1477

Anita Clayton, MD

310 Old Ivy Way # 104
(434) 243-4646

UVA Psychiatric Services

2955 Ivy Road
(434) 243-4646

Online and Virtual Support

There are many other options for support, including online support groups and therapists who provide virtual therapy, safe and secure in your own home.  Click HERE for more information.  And PSVa volunteers are always available to help; call (703) 829-7152 or email


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