Black Lives Matter

PSVa stands in solidarity with the Black and African American community as they lift their voices in protest and shout to be heard, to demand change. We are listening to the voices of those who hurt and are grieving and understand that we must look critically into our own hearts to see the changes we must make to be part of the solution. We realize that we must do the work to be part of this revolution, to create a shared humanity, where all people are seen, heard, understood, helped and loved.

Support PSVa During Maternal Mental Health Month!

This Maternal Mental Health Month, now, more than ever we need your help to help countless mothers and their families in the greater Virginia area. Today, you meet some of the brave faces of who we have been able to help over the years. We consider ourselves lucky that we can give them the help and resources they so critically need.

PSVa’s Top 9 in 2019

And just like that, it’s 2020! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t! But even as we look to the year ahead, I am filled with gratitude to the PSVa community for all we achieved in the year we’ve left behind.
Now, if you browse through social media as I do, you’ve probably noticed quite a few people posting their “Top 9” moments of 2019. We’ve had such a memorable and successful year, seeing this made me wonder what our “Top 9” would be:

The Mother Hood by Mara Watts

When I graduated from college, I had to choose someone to walk behind me during the ceremony and carry my “hood.” At the precise moment, these individuals would be called to place the hood over our head marking our place as a graduate. My mother was given this honor as I felt that she had seen me to this place and I knew that she would help me to move forward. It was a powerful metaphor and a right of passage that helped to mark a moment.

Theresa Termine headshot

Theresa Termine Shares PSVa Updates

It is hard to believe, but Postpartum Support Virginia (PSVa) is about to enter into its second decade of working to provide awareness of, screening for and support to moms suffering from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) – the NUMBER ONE complication of pregnancy and childbirth. There is so much to share with you as we launch our new decade, including many changes and new initiatives underway. Change is what we excel in; in fact, change is what we gently guide new mothers through as they navigate through the many challenges that perinatal transitions may cause.

PSVa Wins Community Solutions Innovation Award

Postpartum Support Virginia has been awarded the 2018 Maternal Mental Health Community Solutions Innovation Award by the 2020Mom Project and Marce of North America (MONA).  The award was made in partnership with Postpartum Support International (PSI) and with generous support of Denver’s Zoma Foundation. 2020 Mom and MONA created the annual Maternal Mental Health Innovation Awards in …

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Clinical Trials

Two companies are testing medications specifically designed to treat postpartum depression (PPD). The new medications are progesterone compounds in both IV (infusion) and tablet (oral) forms. Patients in the trials are often experiencing symptom relief within a few days.


I recently went to see the movie Tully with friends Benta Sims (PSVa Board member) and Lydia Anderson (PSVa volunteer) and wanted to share a few thoughts. Is Tully a comedy? No, in no way is Tully a comedy. While there are moments that make the viewer laugh, Tully is a dark, complex story of …

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Breast is Best

“Breast is best” is a nice slogan with a catchy rhyme and good cadence. Fortunately, many new mothers and their babies find that breastfeeding is easy and natural. However, some women find breastfeeding to be difficult, painful, or unpleasant.


This Giving Tuesday, we want to say thanks to you for being an integral part of our community. We are so grateful for YOU! Thank you for everything you do and for making our community possible. Remember, we can’t fulfill our mission without you. This Giving Tuesday, give the gift of healing, support, hope, and love to families who are going through hard times due to postpartum depression or other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.