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Healthcare Provider Trainings

Postpartum Support Virginia offers several trainings geared specifically for healthcare providers

Postpartum Support Virginia (PSVa) offers a number of trainings to educate health care providers, OB-GYN, pediatric practices, and labor and delivery nursing staff about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs.) The goal of these trainings is to provide familiarity with the spectrum of PMAD illnesses and a comfort level in discussing PMADs with birthing persons and their families.

It is our hope that health care providers will use this knowledge to discuss PMADs regularly with their patients to raise awareness of the emotional changes that may occur in the perinatal period so that birthing people may recognize PMADs if they occur and not hesitate to seek assistance in treating them.

Please check out our Calendar of Events or contact Lydia Anderson for our latest trainings.

PMADs 101: A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to PMADs

This training provides an overview of the different mood disorders related to maternal mental health and promotes familiarity with the signs and symptoms of PMADs. It is designed for OB-GYN and pediatric practices and can be useful for all staff. The training presents best practices for discussing PMADs with patients as a regular part of the clinical visit and reviews screening tools and recommendations for follow-up care. This training encourages clinicians to implement early detection practices and treatment for positive maternal and infant health outcomes. 

Topics include:

  • Overview of PMADs
  • Predictors and Risk Factors
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Impact of Untreated PMADs on the Mother/Baby Dyad
  • Implementing PMAD Discussion and Screening in the Office Visit Workflow
  • How to Talk about PMADs
  • ACOG and AAP Guidelines for Screening
  • Reimbursement Guidelines for Screening
  • Resources/Referrals for PMAD Treatment

Nurse Champions Trainings

Specifically designed for hospital labor & delivery and family care nurses, this training’s goal is that nurses directly dealing with pregnant and new mothers will have a greater comfort discussing PMADs with them and will screen for them.

Topics include:

  • The PMAD Spectrum of Illnesses and How They Present
  • The Health Impact of PMADs on Mothers and Families
  • Risk Factors and Predictors
    How to Read a Patient’s Chart for Indications of PMAD Risk Factors
  • How to Talk to Patients about PMADs and Resources Available for Recovery
  • How to Debrief Patients
  • Role-play with Difficult Scenarios

Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Perinatal Mental Health

This training provides an overview of the racial and ethnic disparities that women of color encounter in medical and mental health settings.

The topics include:

  • Brief Overview of PMADs
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities & Sociocultural Influences
  • Mental Health Barriers to Treatment
  • PMADs & Women of Color
  • PMADs: Tips for Provider Cultural Competency
  • How to Advocate and Support Racial Equity in Maternal Healthcare