May is Maternal Mental Health Month

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Celebrate Maternal Mental Health Month in May!

What do you think is the most common medical complication during and after childbirth?

Chances are, you won’t answer mental health issues. Yet Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)—including prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety—top the list, affecting at least 1 in 5 birthing people.

In addition to the substantial human toll of these conditions, they come with a hefty price tag, especially because birthing people who have them often go untreated.

Get the Facts

PMADs Can Affect any birthing person

Birthing people of every culture, age, income level, and race can develop PMADs.  Symptoms can appear anytime during the two-year span from conception through baby’s first birthday.  Onset of symptoms may be gradual or sudden.  Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are caused by changes in biology, physiology, environment, and expectations.

Many factors can contribute

Many factors can contribute to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders including changes in hormones, biology, psychology, and environment.  These factors can vary from individual to individual and even from pregnancy to pregnancy for the same birthing person.

The cost is great

Mathematica’s analysis, estimates the national economic costs of these mental health disorders. When following the mother–child pair from pregnancy through five years postpartum, the estimated cost is $14.2 billion for births in 2017, or an average of $32,000 for every mother–child pair affected but not treated. 

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