Navigating Tricare

TRICARE is the health care program for uniformed service members, retirees, and their families around the world. Unfortunately, not many mental health providers accept TRICARE, making it tough for moms with PMADs to get individual counseling.

But a recent experience with a new mom in Williamsburg has us singing TRICARE’s praises.


This new mom (I’ll call her Mary) was attending one of PSVa’s support groups and acknowledged she was having a tough time finding a therapist who could see her, in part because her insurance (TRICARE) was not accepted by the mental health providers in the area who specialize in treating PMADs.

Mary had made numerous calls over the course of the week and was trying to navigate the confusing worlds of insurance and mental health when she was exhausted and overwhelmed. She was feeling drained and discouraged.

The local PSVa Coordinator took matters into her own hands (we love our resourceful and plucky staff and volunteers!) and called TRICARE. Here’s what she found out:

  • Since Mary had already made multiple attempts to find In-Network care, she could utilize Out of Network benefits in working with a practitioner.
  • Mary needed to call TRICARE and verify the situation. Mary contacted TRICARE, verified the situation, and was able to start therapy (using Out of Network benefits) within two days.
  • Mary pays the therapist directly. The therapist provides her a “super bill” every two weeks, which Mary submits to TRICARE and is directly reimbursed.

This whole process took minimal amount of time but provided lifesaving support to a struggling new mom.

Thank you, TRICARE, for helping PSVa provide hope and help to this new mother.


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