May The Sun Shine On You Today

New mothers need to recover from the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. While some women bounce right back, most new mothers are exhausted and overwhelmed, struggling to gain some control over their body and their baby.

Self-care is extremely important during the early postpartum days. While new mothers learn to take care of their new babies, they also need to take care of themselves, allowing themselves time to transition both physically and emotionally to becoming a mother.

Women need to recover from the physical side-effects of giving birth, whether a relatively easy vaginal birth or a more complicated C-section. Unfortunately, most women return home from the hospital with little direction about how much rest and recuperation is needed.   And so they think they can immediately bounce back to pre-baby days and ways.

Our postpartum bodies need care and attention. They have been stretched and reorganized to accommodate another human being; now they need to be tended carefully and compassionately so they can return to some semblance of pre-baby shape. Be gentle with your body and yourself as your body (sometimes slowly) returns to “normal.”

While I was amazed at how my body expanded and (eventually) contracted, it doesn’t mean that I loved the way I looked in the immediate postpartum days and weeks.   Fortunately, a friend reminded me that it took nine months to get this way, and that I should allow nine months to get back to pre-baby ways. So the first aspect of self-care is being kind to yourself.


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