Theresa Termine Shares PSVa Updates

It is hard to believe, but Postpartum Support Virginia (PSVa) is about to enter into its second decade of working to provide awareness of, screening for and support to moms suffering from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) – the NUMBER ONE complication of pregnancy and childbirth. There is so much to share with you as we launch our new decade, including many changes and new initiatives underway. Change is what we excel in; in fact, change is what we gently guide new mothers through as they navigate through the many challenges that perinatal transitions may cause.

As many of you know, our founder, Adrienne Griffen, has stepped down as Executive Director after ten years of envisioning, creating, and leading our organization. She remains committed to maternal mental health and has accepted a new role as Executive Director of the Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance. As a long-time admirer and friend, I am proud and humbled to follow in Adrienne’s footsteps as PSVa’s Interim Executive Director.

As a past supporter, board member and treasurer, I am intimately involved with PSVa’s activities and efforts. I am also a PMAD survivor who did not have access to resources or support from medical staff. Sixteen years later, I clearly remember the sense of isolation and desperation that paralyzed me. Friends and family supported me, and somehow, I recovered, but I will never forget that pain. For me, the work we do at PSVa is very personal. From the moment I took over this role, I have–and will–work tirelessly to ensure that PSVa will be an invaluable resource to mothers in need. I and the entire PSVa team remain dedicated to serving our communities with valuable programs and projects.

PSVa also has a newly expanded team of 12 tireless and passionately committed women who amaze me every day, and I am proud to work with them to ensure PSVa’s successful continued growth, and expanded efforts reaching more families and assisting healthcare providers and professionals learn more about PMADs. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce you to each of our team members and the work they are doing to support the 1 in 5 mothers struggling with PMADs in Virginia.

PSVa is instrumental in the lives of women just entering motherhood. We look forward to the next decade of helping women in the state of Virginia as they enter into one of the biggest, most tumultuous changes of their lives, called motherhood.

Theresa Termine

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